Beach Shore line

Going Coastal: Designing with Coastal

Nothing is more relaxing and soothing as a day at the beach. Just dreaming of those summer breezes can warm you up! So are you ready to start going coastal: designing with coastal. If you are looking for some coastal inspiration look no further. In other words start checking out these design inspirational tips, photos and links to create an amazing coastal home.

Coastal Inspirations

Where to find inspiration? When I start a coastal design project I begin by looking at travel photography. In addition to visiting beaches, the coast line and marinas. Since I’m fortunate enough live near the Great South Bay on Long Island. I love to take a drive down Ocean Parkway for more coastal inspiration.

Great South Bay Long Island
Great South Bay Long Island

Color Schemes

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Coastal Inspiration Photo by Fezbot2000
Coastal Inspiration Photo by Fezbot2000 

Look at the colors of natural as the perfect place to find a color scheme for going coastal and designing with coastal in mind. The natural color choices would be blues, greens and whites.

Going Coastal: Designing with Coastal for this Guest Bedroom white furniture with blue, teal and green bedding
Blues, greens and teal for this Naples Guest bedroom

However consider the colors of a gorgeous sunrise too. Soft gray, off white and pale pink would be wonderful for a bedroom or sun-room design.

Going Coastal: Designing with Coastal with Fabric color samples in soft gray, off white and pale pink
Concept Board in pale pinks and grays

Coastal Artwork

Creating beautiful interiors starts with the floor plan, color scheme and great artwork. When I’m designing a coastal room, the artwork we bring in will support the mood and balance of the space. I lookout for pieces that have a feeling of coastal without looking too kitschy.

The addition of coastal art to a space can be a bit on the whimsical side. In other words it will help carry the theme of the design in a lighthearted way. When designing this Naples breakfast dining room we added these stunning fish prints.

If you love Coastal Design we can create a dream room for you too. Contact us here or start with your design questionnaire here

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Babylon NY Naples FL Styling your bed greens

Styling Your Bed like a Stylist

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. Having a plan for your bedding will help give you the best nights sleep. Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. Why not enjoy it! By styling your bed like a stylist you will have a comfortable, crisp and stylish bed for years to come.

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors % Fresh Design Solutions for spring

5 Design Solutions for Spring

Spring is in the air. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the days are longer! So amazing and wonderful! Therefore it’s the perfect time to share with you 5 Design Solutions for Spring to transform your home. For instance maybe its time to add a few fresh design ideas to your space.

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors Wood Floors

Designing from the Floor Up

When I begin designing a space it’s usually from the floor up. It’s important to know what flooring is in place before I start choosing furniture, color schemes or décor accessories.

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors Gallery wall

Art & Design in Interior Design

Creating an amazing interior design starts with scale, balance, function and mood of a space. In other words, the Art & Design In Interior Design work together for a room to feel balanced. All the elements of the room must work together with the scale and mood. Also its important the function of the space works for the people living in it. But the artwork is for the shear pleasure of the viewer.

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors bedroom with greenery

Adding a little Greenery to your Home

Ok so maybe you don’t have a green thumb but you can still add a little greenery to your home. After all, silk roses look amazing and last forever! In addition, even if you stick with silk or artificial plants. You can still get the look of real live plants. No judgments!

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors Blue master bedroom with sunburst mirror

Decorating with Sunburst Mirrors

Have you noticed the trend toward sunburst wall mirrors in design. In addition a sunburst mirror adds a timeless design element.

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the perfect drapery for your home

Perfect Drapery Placement for your Home

Draperies and curtains are the frames for your windows. In addition to finding the perfect drapery placement for your home. Interior designers get so many questions from clients on the height and width their drapery should hang. Therefore lets jump right in to it.

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living room with natural tones

Interior Designer Sandra Asdourian

Hello everyone! I’m Interior Designer Sandra Asdourian. We are based in Babylon Village NY and Naples FL. I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. Also to share a little bit about my background and our design studio.

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Dining Room with Chandelier

Enough lighting in each room in your house

Do you have enough lighting in each room in your house? Lighting a room is probably the number one thing you can do to change the vibe and mood of a space. In addition to helping you see in the evenings. In essence applying strategic lighting for every day tasks will make your life easier.

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Holiday Table Settings

Holiday table settings, I love setting a beautiful table when friends and family gather together. As I’m writing this it’s the month of December therefore everyone is running around preparing for the holiday season. It’s got me thinking about the decorating, entertaining, friends, family and the importance’s of creating memorable moments.

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Gray sofa with blue walls and navy pillows

Couples Blending their design styles

  It’s a super big commitment getting married or moving in together, you and your boyfriend/ husband are so happy in your new home. In addition, the realization that as a couple you have to blend your design styles.

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Sandra Asdourian Modeling for Spin Magazine

NYC Fashion Model to Interior Designer

So how did a NYC Fashion Model to Interior Designer happen? One day a client asked me how I stared in interior design and how I started my interior design business. In other words, what was my journey to were I am today. Well that got me thinking about the steps that brought me from being a NYC Fashion Model to being an Interior Designer.

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Interior Design Color Trends for 2019

Interior Design Color Trends 2019

Each year the Interior Design Color Trends 2019 from Benjamin Moore are released. They are an interesting mix of soft to bold colors. As an interior design professional I get so excited. For instance, pale creams to bold greens are the hottest color trends for 2019.

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Veteran House Project with IDS Long Island Chapter

This project is for a wonderful cause, the house was donated to the Fairway Foundation by many, many very generous donations. A post 9/11 veteran who was honorably discharged that received a purple heart will be awarded this home.

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Interior Designer in Charleston SC


As an Interior Designer visiting Charleston SC I was very interested in history and my mother is from the south (Atlanta, GA). My husband and I decided why not head on down to Charleston SC. Since it’s already hot in NY lets hit the real heat of the south and go on down to Charleston in July! So we took a little vacation down to Charleston.  Boy this is a beautiful, historic and the southern hospitality is all so true! We loved all the history in Charleston from the Revolutionary war and the Civil War.

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