Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Just why should you hire an Interior Designer? And why you shouldn’t take design advice from your contractor. Don’t get me wrong we love all our contractors and tradespeople we work with. However, an interior designer understands how you, the client live and what will help the flow and function of a room.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors why hire an Interior Designer Dining Room
Parisian Dining Room Design

Why You should Hire an Interior Designer?

Hiring an Interior Designer that understands your wants, needs, and will design for you. Before starting a design project our clients fill out a design questionnaire. This way as design professionals we will better understand their design goals. In other words, what is important to them and their family. Maybe the family is on the run and doesn’t have time for a sit-down dinner. However, a breakfast bar would be just perfect for this busy family.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors why hire an Interior Designer white kitchen design
White Kitchen with Black backsplash

Why you Should Not take design advice from your Contractor

Would you have a mechanic design your car? It’s almost the same thing. I was recently in a client’s home to redesign their master bath. The bathroom was done three years ago by a contractor without the help of a design professional. When I asked the homeowner what they loved and what they hated about the master bath. The first thing the wife said was there was only one outlet on her side of the double sink. Also, it was positioned on the back-splash. Now, this is fine in the kitchen. However, once you add a blow dryer, hot rollers, and/ or flat iron, there is no room to plug everything in. This is where an interior designer would have seen the need and wants of the clients.

Window Treatments in a private room with a view
Window Treatments in a private room with a view

What an Interior Designer can do for you

An interior designer will design a space around you. With your best interest in mind. Helping you have all of your wants and needs taken into account. Similarly, working with an interior designer will help you have a Pinterest quality home design.

White Fire place
Black and White Fireplace

Good Interior Design Saves Time and Money

Good Interior design saves your time and money in the long run. For instance, an interior designer will recommend products, furniture, and decor that will bring together all your design desires. We shop from multiply “for the trade only” sources. As an example, we see the newest in design before the trends hit retail stores. As a result, you save time not having to run from one store to the next. Trying to figure out which tile works best for the bathroom. Also is it the right finish, color, and texture for your bathroom? So much to worry about! When all you want to do is enjoy the finished space. Sometimes is just better to call in a professional.

chandelier at the top of a stair case.
Stunning Chandelier

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