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Why Crown Molding and Wainscoting?

Have you ever seen a room and wondered what makes it so special? It could be the moldings. Why crown molding and wainscoting details in a room can make an ordinary room look spectacular. There are many levels and layers to applying moldings. People write books about it. It takes a true artisan to apply the correct moldings. But today there are many options for getting the look in your home.

What is Crown Molding and Wainscoting?

Crown molding is a strip of wood joining the wall to the ceiling. Did you know that crown molding was first applied to cover the seam between the walls and the ceiling? However, over time crown molding has become more decorative and detailed. Wainscoting (pronounced Wayne’s coating) or the alternative term, wainscot had its origins around the 14th century in Holland. To protect the lower have of the wall. And to keep the heat in since heat rises.

Why Crown Molding and Wainscoting?
In this entrance and living room, a wainscot was added to the lower half of the walls

Rule of Thirds

Almost any wall would look great with some wainscoting. It also works really well for protecting the wall from bangs and bumps from chairs as in a dining room. Wainscoting looks great running the length of a hallway or up the stairs and will keep the walls looking great too. Most people wonder if they are adding wainscot to their walls what is the correct height. It looks best when applied to 1/3 of the wall, 2/3 of the wall, or the whole wall. However, the best visual application is using the “rule of thirds” meaning the lower third or two-thirds of the wall. Never apply it directly to the halfway point of a wall it will look unbalanced in the room.

Wainscot added to the whole wall with decorative moldings
Wainscot added to the whole wall and windows with decorative moldings

Width of the Moldings

Balance the width of the crown molding with the height of the ceiling. Therefore, if you have vaulted ceiling heights of 16 feet a 6″ to 10″ crown molding will look amazing. However, if the ceiling height is 8 feet it’s best to keep the crown molding at 4″ for a balanced look. If not the crown could make your ceiling look lower than they are. For more design inspiration, follow Sandra Asdourian Interiors on Instagram

Crown Molding on 10 foot ceilings
Crown Molding on 10-foot ceilings

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