What is your Design Style?

Don’t know what your design style is? Figuring out your own design style can be one of the hardest things. For some people, trying to design their homes on their own can be overwhelming. They know what they like and dislike but can’t pull it altogether. At Sandra Asdourian Interiors we start every design project with a design questionnaire.

What is a Design Style

By following your own taste and style. Thinking about your own personal style. What do you consider your style is? If you don’t know, we’ll figure it out! Do you like Contemporary, Glam, Rustic, Old-World Elegance, Eclectic/Collected, Traditional, Modern, Country French, Transitional, and something else? Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or artwork you love? You can start there. Is there a public place that you like? (Think hotel, museum, even a TV show set) This is another clue. Finally, what overall mood do you want to create?

What is your design style? Transitional Design Style
Transitional Design Style

How to Figure Out Your Design Style

Figuring out your style. Take a clue from your answers above and start putting them together. For instance, you like modern clean lines, you love The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC, and you want a room you can relax and watch TV in after working all day in your Law Firm. As a design professional, I would select and recommend a slick, bold design plan. Maybe in black, fuchsia, and ivory or all monochromatic white, with white leather sofas, chrome, and shag area rugs.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors What is your Design Style white leather
What is your Design Style?

Designing Your House

Start by asking yourself what you love and what you hate about your current home. In other words, you will uncover many of your design tastes, which will help determine your design style. Therefore, as interior designers, we ask a lot of questions from our clients. For instance, we will show them photographs of furniture and design magazine photos to narrow down which styles they relate to best.

A Transitional Mix with a nod to Traditional
A Transitional Mix with a nod to Traditional

Pulling it all Together

In the words of Bunny Williams, Interior Designer, once said “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.” In other words, imagine you just inherited an antique piece of furniture but love Contemporary designs how will you make it work in your house?

Coastal Contemporary Design Naples FL
Coastal Contemporary Design

I love this Interior design question. Antiques have a past, almost a soul, they carry a story with them. Besides, in a design plan antiques add excitement to the room. For instance, if you look at any European magazine you will see examples of mixing the old with the new. Similarly, it’s a key feature of many beautiful homes. Therefore, we consider it the perfect mix with contemporary design. The wonderful part is that this “look” comes across naturally and easily. In conclusion, adding a few pieces from your own family’s history is a sure way to bring some character and personality to your home.

What is your design style? Mixing styles
Mixing Styles

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