What Color should Your Sofa be?

So many sofa choices and so many colors to pick from. The question is what color should your sofa be? Well, that depends on a few things. One, are you planning on working with existing furniture. Two, are you planning on keeping it for years and three, do you like color and pattern.

Vanguard contemporary cream sofa
Vanguard contemporary cream sofa

Should your Sofa be a color?

When choosing a sofa for my clients we look at a few factors. If the overall color scheme is colorful then a color sofa will work beautifully. In other words, if there is a vibrant mix of colors in the room a colorful sofa will look great. However, I do like to add a sofa in a bold color while keeping the rest of the room neutral. As in the room below, neutral walls and artwork really make this navy blue sofa pop!

What Color should my Sofa be? Blue
Blue Sofa

What about a Pattern Sofa

Working with a pattern on the sofa is a nice way of adding visual texture to the design. You can mix patterns in the room for even more impact. As an example, when mixing patterns in a design I look for similar colors in the pattern to pull the design together. You can go as bold as you like with the pattern mix. But keep in mind if you are planning on keeping the furniture for more than ten years. Your color scheme and style may change. So it may be a better investment to go with a neutral color and pattern.

What Pattern should my Sofa be?
Pattern Sofa

How about a Neutral Sofa

Although, sometimes a neutral sofa is just what the room calls for. Nothing makes a bolder statement than navy blue wainscoting on the walls of a living room with a pale gray sofa to ground the room. As an interior designer, my opinion is, going with a neutral sofa will give you the most flexibility to change your overall color scheme for years to come.

Neutral Sofa
Neutral Sofa

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