The Style of Your Sofa

How do you choose a sofa style you love? A good place to start is with the mood and style of the room. Also, the style of your sofa depends on your comfort and lounging needs. Let’s explore.

 Green Velvet Sofa
Green Velvet Sofa

Your Sofa Style DNA

What is your style DNA ( Design Need Attributes)? If you like to sit up straight when watching TV or reading, your sofa DNA would be a tight back sofa. This type of sofa has a more upright feeling for a straighter sitting position. But if you love to lounge back on your sofa, a loose back sofa with a deep seating area would be the perfect fit for you.

A Tight Back Couch
A Tight Back Sofa Style

Different Styles of Sofa Arms

The next thing to consider is the sofa arm. Again you should look at the mood and style you are going for in the room. In other words, do you want a relaxed feeling? Maybe a sock arm or panel sock arm is right for you.

Sock Arm style
Sock Arm Sofa

For instance, the more contemporary the design style is of the room. A track arm sofa is the way to go. However, track-style arms come in several widths from 3″-9″ and with custom design, any size.

Maybe a Wide Track Arm Sectional
Wide Track Arm Sectional Sofa Style

When Size is Important

In conclusion, the size of your sofa needs to be in scale with the rest of the room. Also, consider the length of the wall the sofa may be up against or near. It’s nice to have a little breathing room around your furniture. And finally, the end tables should to be in proportion to the size of the sofa too.

Day Bed to Scale with the Room
Day Bed Sofa to Scale with the Room

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