The Right Height to Hang Art

The hanging height of artwork can make or break the effect of the piece’s impact. So, what is the right height to hang art? You walk into a room and notice that all the artwork is hung at several different heights? But somehow they feel balanced? Do you know why? The reason is the center of the overall artwork is hung to the same height.

 The Right Height to Hang Art-Naples FL Sandra Asdourian Interiors
Charming Naples Breakfast Room

What is the Right Height for Art?

The center of your art display should be at eye level. Which is about 58″ to 62″ from the floor. This is the right height to hang art. There is a tendency when there are very tall ceilings to hang a painting too high, to “fill in the space”. However, better use of the “space” would be the let it breathe with nothing there. Another suggestion would be to add a wood trim as in wainscotting to add architectural detail.

What is the Right Height to Hang Art or should you do something else like wainscoting. Sandra-Asdourian-Interiors-Laurel Hollow
Instead of adding Artwork we choose Wainscoting

How do you Add a Gallery Wall?

When planning out a gallery wall. Something to consider is the number of images or artwork. The mood of the room or space. And finally the size of the frames. Start with a layout on the floor to get a visual idea of the look and balance. If using different size frames. A tip is to start with the largest pieces first then work the smaller frames around the design. Also keeping the center of the collection at about 58″ to 62″. Another great look is running the design with the frames in order or hung at the same distance from each other.

How do you Add a Gallery Wall?
Stairway gallery wall

When is it Okay to not to Hang Art?

For a more casual look, display art. Leaning artwork has a lived-in look. It gives the artwork a personality. Now leaning your work may not work in every home. But if you have a piece of art you are comfortable with displaying this way, the effect is stunning.

Art work by Debbie Viola

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