The Life of a Chair: We All Have Chairs

Most likely you are reading this while sitting in a chair. We all have chairs. Have you ever thought about the life of a chair? And it’s many uses in our homes. When you think about it between the living room, the kitchen, dining room, home office, and the bedrooms. There are more chairs than people living in the house! The funny thing is we use our chairs without thinking about them. However, if they are not comfortable we know right away. We all have that favorite armchair we can sink into. In other words, the one you love to read a book in, send an email from your iPhone, or talk on the phone to your friends for hours.

Your Home and The Life of a Chair

Today our homes have become, if necessary, a gym and an office. The life of a chair is giving new meaning and function.  In addition, dining room chairs are transforming themselves into office chairs. Or homeschooling around the kitchen table. Similarly, without having a home gym, chairs are used to do parts of your workout.

The Life of a Chair, Sandra Asdourian Interiors Laurel Hollow NY Family Room

The Form and Function of a Chair

The design of a chair should complement the mood of your room. However, the color and design can be a stand-alone feature in the design. Above all, your space will not have that matchy/match look that you see all too often in retail furniture stores. Starting with a neutral sofa, however, adding in a couple of complementing accent chairs pulls the whole room together into a cohesive design plan.

The Life of a Chair, Sandra Asdourian Interiors Naples FL Laurel Hollow NY Living room
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Kitchen Chair vs Countertop Bar Chairs

As an interior design professional, the importance of a comfortable chair when eating is paramount to a design. Also, things to consider are the height of the chairs. For instance, would a countertop height table and chairs suit the room better? Other things to keep in mind are the people living in the home. Similarly, are there young children or older family members? You will have to choose chairs that are functional and comfortable.

The Life of a Chair, Sandra Asdourian Interiors Laurel Hollow Kitchen

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