The Finishing Touch to Your Design

How do you know when your design project is finished? What is the finishing touch to your design that says, done? As an Interior Designer, I can tell you first hand. Inspiration is everywhere. As a result, your home may never be truly finished. Why? You travel, see new places, meet new people, your home is meant to be lived in and enjoyed. In other words, just like you don’t wear the same clothes you wore 5 years ago. Same with your home. Life happens and as you experience new things and your home will reflect it.

The Finishing Touch to Your Design Sandra Asdourian Interiors Naples FL

Finishing Touch to Complete the Look

When we approach any design project, we look at all the fixed elements of the room. In other words, the windows, doors, and any openings into the room. Next, we consider the amount of natural lighting, as in where the is sun coming in. In other words, if the room is facing south, a bright room or west and only sunny in the latter part of the day. This will affect the colors used in the room. If you have a north-facing room, adding cool colors will brighten the space.

Once you have selected all your furniture and rugs. The finishing touches to complete the look are the artwork and accessories. When working with clients, I like to ask them about their favorite piece of artwork to get inspiration. If they don’t have any artwork, I ask them about that favorite place they have traveled to, their favorite movies, or hotels. Above all, we work on finding that one element that they love and build on the finishing touches from there.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Laurel Hollow NY Family Room on Cold Spring Harbor
Laurel Hollow NY Family Room on Cold Spring Harbor

Love Where You Live and Live in Your Home

When designing the room above. We focused on the stunning view from every window of Cold Spring Harbor. The room faces north but feels bright, warm, and inviting. Why? Because we adding texture, in the pillows and area rug, depth in the wall color, and a generous amount of seating for the whole family. The client said this is now their favorite room in the house.

It’s important to focus on the things you love about your home. And bring out the positive elements. This will give that Finishing Touch to Your Design.

The Finishing Touch to Your Design Sandra Asdourian Interiors Naples FL
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