Creating a Relaxing Room

Just relax and breath. Work, life, stress, traffic, there are so many things we deal on a daily bases. Therefore, creating a relaxing room is just what the doctor ordered! Our lives are stressful and all we need to do is relax. Easier said than done. Coming home each day should feel like your sanctuary. Your escape from the outside world.

Creating a Relaxing  Room in this Casual and comfortable Family Room
Casual and comfortable Family Room

Soft Touches to Creating a Relaxing Room

Creating a relaxing room starts with creating a feeling of calm. Soft touches such as pillows and a throw will warm up a leather chair. In other words, you want to add a feeling of comfort. As an example, having a few plants in a room will also bring a feeling of nature to your home. The biophilia hypothesis also called BET, suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. 

A cozy place to curl up with a book, leather chair with pillow
A cozy place to curl up with a book

Neutral Colors

The eye is calmed by neutral colors. Don’t get me wrong I love colorful interiors. But there is something very soothing and relaxing about neutral colors. As an example, with a gray, beige, white and cream color scheme, maybe just adding a bit of black. Your eyes have a chance to rest.

Neutral Color and elements art pieces
Neutral colors and elements

Textures Create a Relaxing Room

The textures you bring into a room will help with creating a relaxing feeling. Feeling the soft texture of the sofa in contrast to a few nubby pillows, and a hand-crocheted throw bring a feeling of comfort. And finally, as an interior design professional. I try to add some elements to the room the person or family all relate to. It may a gallery wall of family photos or a set of comfortable chairs for an afternoon of reading or conversation.

Textures in the pillows and throw Create a Relaxing  Room
Textures in the pillows and throw

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