Selecting the Correct Height Barstool

Creating a beautiful new kitchen with a gorgeous center island is lovely. However, be sure you are selecting the correct height barstool for your island, with countertop islands and bar areas becoming a standard design element in kitchen design. Therefore, the need for the right height for your new barstool is essential.

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How An Interior Designer Shops

Have you ever wondered how an interior designer shops? All those fabulous pieces and accessories you see on Instagram and Pinterest. Similarly, maybe you’re thinking you would love to know how they find all those fantastic treasures. Do they have a map or book they follow? As an interior design professional, we can tell you we wish it were that easy as following a map or guidebook! So let’s jump right in and talk about how we choose our vendors, showrooms, and stores for those gorgeous pieces.

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Mixing Existing Hard Surfaces with New Decor

In a perfect world, your tile floors, countertops, and wood flooring would never go out of style. But that is not usually the case. The secret to Mixing Existing Hard Surfaces with New Decor is to not ignore the elephant in the room. It’s better to harmonize with the old hard surfaces, not to completely ignore them.

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The Finishing Touch to Your Design

What is the finishing touch to your design that says, done? As an Interior Designer, I can tell you first hand. Inspiration is everywhere. You travel, see new places, meet new people; your home should be lived in and enjoyed. In other words, just like you don’t wear the same clothes you wore five years ago. Same with your home. Life happens, and as you experience new things and your home will reflect it.

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Creating a Home Office

Even if you don’t work from home, everyone needs a space to call their own—a comfortable place to read, write, and work on your laptop. In addition, creating a home office or study will make your time dealing with paperwork more enjoyable. In other words, if you are using the kitchen table as a home office. It’s time to consider investing in a proper place to relax and get your work done. Because a home office/study isn’t just a place to work, it should be a reflection of who you are.

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