Don't Pick Your Paint Color First

If you are ready to decorate your living room please don’t pick your paint color first. Picking paint color first is a big mistake people make. The first step to redecorating any room starts with the floor plan. Knowing the measurements of the room will go a long way in creating a successful design.

Picking paint color first is a big mistake people make. Don't Pick Your Paint Color First.
Balancing the width and length of a space for a cohesive design

Why Picking Your Paint Color First is a Mistake

In the pecking order of designing a successful room. Your choices of furniture and fabrics will certainly be based on their availability. In contrast, to the huge selection of paint colors available, not to mention that paint colors are very customizable. In other words, if you love a saddle leather sofa. It would be better to select the shade of leather you love for the sofa first before you select the wall color. So don’t pick your paint color first or you could be repainting the room twice! Consequently, read this blog on How to Choose Paint Colors.

Choose your sofa first then Pick Your Paint Color
Select the Furniture First

Measure Twice and Buy Once

You have probably heard the phrase “measure twice and cut once”. Well in the interior design world “measure twice and buy once ” is the best way of planning out a successful and functional room. In other words, if you measure the room you will be able to buy the correct size furniture for that room. Now if you pick your paint color first, which is a big mistake. You will have to find furniture and accessories to match that paint color. Unless you want to do custom-designed furniture, which comes with a must higher price tag. Furthermore, it is so much easier to pick the perfect paint color once you have selected the furniture.

 Don't Pick Your Paint Color First. Notice how this paint color compliments the furniture and pillows
Notice how this paint color compliments the furniture and pillows

Consequently, working with a professional interior designer will save you time and money. If you need help picking out colors, tile, hardware, carpet, wallpaper, fabrics, furniture, accessories, etc. You can book a designer for a day. How it works; we meet at your home and work on a design plan and decide what your design goals are for that day. We then go shopping either online or in stores for tile, rugs, furniture or accessories. No more guesswork when decorating your home. Shop with a professional interior designer and get the home you really want. Book a designer here

Don't Pick Your Paint Color First. This blue bedroom is n shades of blue
Shades of Blue Master bedroom

What Color should Your Sofa be?

So many sofa choices and so many colors to pick from. The question is “should your sofa be a color, a pattern or neutral? ” Well, that depends on a few things. One, are you planning on working with existing furniture. Two, are you planning on keeping it for years and three, do you like color and pattern.

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Selecting the Right Size Rug

Okay, you have all your furniture in place. But how do you know the right rug size? Selecting the right size rug can be a difficult decision. In other words which size rug is right for which room.

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors Wood Floors

Designing from the Floor Up

When I begin designing a space it’s usually from the floor up. It’s important to know what flooring is in place before I start choosing furniture, color schemes or décor accessories.

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors Gallery wall

Art & Design in Interior Design

Creating an amazing interior design starts with scale, balance, function and mood of a space. In other words, the Art & Design In Interior Design work together for a room to feel balanced. All the elements of the room must work together with the scale and mood. Also its important the function of the space works for the people living in it. But the artwork is for the shear pleasure of the viewer.

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