What’s New in Interior Design

Twice a year, High Point, NC, showcases the newest in home furnishing and accessories. Interior designers, furniture stores, and design shops preview products and styles available in design.

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Selecting the Correct Height Barstool

Creating a beautiful new kitchen with a gorgeous center island is lovely. However, be sure you are selecting the correct height barstool for your island, with countertop islands and bar areas becoming a standard design element in kitchen design. Therefore, the need for the right height for your new barstool is essential.

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Living In Comfort at Home

What does it mean “living in comfort”? We all want to feel comfortable. For instance, we want to feel comfortable in our clothing, work, and homes. But how many people are genuinely pleased in their homes? The number one reason clients contact our interior design firm is that they have tried decorating their homes. They just don’t feel their home is comfortable. The meaning of luxury is comfort. When your home feels comfortable, it affects your mood and your health.

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The Life of a Chair: We All Have Chairs

Most likely, you are reading this while sitting in a chair. We all have chairs. Have you ever thought about the life of a chair? And it’s many uses in our homes. Think about it between the living room, the kitchen, dining room, home office, and the bedrooms. There are more chairs than people living in the house! The funny thing is we use our chairs without thinking about them. However, if they are not comfortable, we know right away. We all have that favorite armchair we can sink into. In other words, the one you love to read a book in, send an email from your iPhone, or talk on the phone to your friends for hours.

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Decorating with Sunburst Mirrors

Have you noticed the trend toward sunburst wall mirrors in design? In addition, a sunburst mirror adds a timeless design element. Do you love the look of decorating with Sunburst Mirrors?

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