Selecting the Perfect Lamp

When designing a room, the mood, scale, the function of the room are the foundation for every great design. However, please don’t forget about the importance of lighting. In other words, selecting the perfect lamp is one of the critical components of the design. Also, When choosing a table lamp, look for inspiration in the other elements in the design.

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How An Interior Designer Shops

Have you ever wondered how an interior designer shops? All those fabulous pieces and accessories you see on Instagram and Pinterest. Similarly, maybe you’re thinking you would love to know how they find all those fantastic treasures. Do they have a map or book they follow? As an interior design professional, we can tell you we wish it were that easy as following a map or guidebook! So let’s jump right in and talk about how we choose our vendors, showrooms, and stores for those gorgeous pieces.

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Decorating with Sunburst Mirrors

Have you noticed the trend toward sunburst wall mirrors in design? In addition, a sunburst mirror adds a timeless design element. Do you love the look of decorating with Sunburst Mirrors?

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