Mixing Existing Hard Surfaces with New Decor

In a perfect world, your tile floors, countertops, and wood flooring would never go out of style. But that is not usually the case. The secret to Mixing Existing Hard Surfaces with New Decor is to not ignore the elephant in the room. It’s better to harmonize with the old hard surfaces, not to completely ignore them.

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Are Formal Dining Rooms Obsolete?

When was the last time you used your formal dining room? If you haven’t used it in more than a month. You’re not utilizing it to its full potential. However, are Formal Dining Rooms Obsolete? In other words, would there be other uses for this room? Are there other possibilities?

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Working with an Interior Designer

So what’s it like Working with an Interior Designer? If you’ve never worked with an Interior Designer before, it can be a bit of a mystery. This blog will break down the 10 Step Process we use at our firm and our approach to a new design project in the hopes of clearing up the mystery of the design process from start to finish.

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Decorating with Sunburst Mirrors

Have you noticed the trend toward sunburst wall mirrors in design? In addition, a sunburst mirror adds a timeless design element. Do you love the look of decorating with Sunburst Mirrors?

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