Bringing Nature Inside

Don’t you love that feeling of being outdoors? With the sun on your face and a warm breeze in the air. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring that feel inside? Bringing Nature Inside is one of the healthiest ways to live in your home. Unfortunately, we’re all spending more time indoors, working from home, homeschooling, and dining at home. Therefore, why not add a minor nature to your home?

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Living In Comfort at Home

What does it mean “living in comfort”? We all want to feel comfortable. For instance, we want to feel comfortable in our clothing, work, and homes. But how many people are genuinely pleased in their homes? The number one reason clients contact our interior design firm is that they have tried decorating their homes. They just don’t feel their home is comfortable. The meaning of luxury is comfort. When your home feels comfortable, it affects your mood and your health.

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Should You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

You’re looking at your current kitchen. And after paging through design magazines and pinning away on Pinterest. You think maybe you should paint your kitchen cabinets. But there are a few things you must consider before you pull out a paintbrush and go at it. So the question is should you paint your kitchen cabinets? Or should you hire a professional?

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Designing around your Needs

Our lives are changing every day. As a result, there has never been more demand for designing your home around your needs. For instance, some people are moving to larger homes from busy cities. Their need to furnish extra rooms with furniture to scale with their new home is essential. On the other hand, some people are moving from larger suburban homes to condos or townhouses. As a result, they need to downsize the amount and scale of their furniture and accessories.

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