Mixing Existing Hard Surfaces with New Decor

In a perfect world, your tile floors, countertops, and wood flooring would never go out of style. But that is not usually the case. The secret to Mixing Existing Hard Surfaces with New Decor is to not ignore the elephant in the room. It’s better to harmonize with the old hard surfaces, not to completely ignore them.

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The Finishing Touch to Your Design

What is the finishing touch to your design that says, done? As an Interior Designer, I can tell you first hand. Inspiration is everywhere. You travel, see new places, meet new people; your home should be lived in and enjoyed. In other words, just like you don’t wear the same clothes you wore five years ago. Same with your home. Life happens, and as you experience new things and your home will reflect it.

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Designing around your Needs

Our lives are changing every day. As a result, there has never been more demand for designing your home around your needs. For instance, some people are moving to larger homes from busy cities. Their need to furnish extra rooms with furniture to scale with their new home is essential. On the other hand, some people are moving from larger suburban homes to condos or townhouses. As a result, they need to downsize the amount and scale of their furniture and accessories.

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What Color should Your Sofa be?

So many sofa choices and so many colors to pick from; the question is, what color should your sofa be? Well, that depends on a few things. One, are you planning on working with existing furniture. Two, are you planning on keeping it for years and three, do you like color and pattern.

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Selecting the Right Size Rug

Okay, you have all your furniture in place. But how do you know the right rug size? Selecting the right size rug can be a difficult decision. In other words, which size rug is suitable for which room.

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