A Beautiful Transformation

The thought of a whole-house renovation can be overwhelming. But you can make a beautiful transformation of your home with minor changes. There’s a saying, “What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” That’s how you should look at your home renovation—one step at a time.

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Adding a few Botanicals

Your design is beautiful. You have the perfect furniture, lighting, and rugs. However, adding a few botanicals will make your space come alive. Looking at your design with fresh eyes will help you see the possibilities.

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Selecting the Perfect Lamp

When designing a room, the mood, scale, the function of the room are the foundation for every great design. However, please don’t forget about the importance of lighting. In other words, selecting the perfect lamp is one of the critical components of the design. Also, When choosing a table lamp, look for inspiration in the other elements in the design.

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The Cost of Window Treatments

You just bought a new home, and you’re thinking about window treatments. Unfortunately, until faced with bare windows, many people don’t consider the cost of window treatments. However, when establishing the budget for your next design project, window treatments are fundamental.

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What’s New in Interior Design

Twice a year, High Point, NC, showcases the newest in home furnishing and accessories. Interior designers, furniture stores, and design shops preview products and styles available in design.

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