The Charm of Built-In Furniture

Looking for that perfect piece of furniture for a problem spot in your home? Maybe custom built-in furniture is just what’s needed. The Charm of Built-In Furniture is that you get exactly the look and size piece for that difficult spot.

The Charm of Built-ins Furniture with this custom desk
Custom Desk Built-In

Custom Built-In Bookshelf Furniture

Are you an avid reader and have a ton of books. Having custom bookshelves made will save you a lot of time and energy keeping your book collection in order. For instance, these will not only look amazing, upscale and be functional. They add value to your home as a capital improvement. In other words, capital improvements are a permanent structural change or restoration that enhances a property’s value.

Custom Built In Bookshelves
Built In Bookshelves

Extra Storage

Who doesn’t need more storage? As an interior design professional, all my clients say they need more storage. Especially if they have a large family and entertain often. The dining room is a great place to add a custom buffet unit. It’s great for an extra serving area. Also, for storing your china, flatware and table linens. In a custom built-in piece, we like to add cabinets and draws for extra storage that also needed in a dining room.

Dining Room Custom Buffet
Dining Room Custom Buffet

The Details

When designing built-ins, The Charm of Built-In Furniture is in the details. They give the piece that certain je ne sais quoi. Therefore, we keep in mind all the elements needed to bring the whole design together. As an example, when designing a wet bar area built-in we like to use a quartzite or quartz countertop. It’s more durable than a wooden top. Also, for a custom bookshelf unit, we always recommend adding a few closed cabinets. Perfect for tucking away a few things when not needed. 

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The Style of Your Sofa

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Working with an Interior Designer

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Don’t Pick Your Paint Color First

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Creating a Relaxing Room

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