Commit to a Design and Love it

Has this happened to you? You have an idea of how you would like your home to look. However, you can’t commit to a design style you love? You start looking at Pinterest, shopping, and you find images and things you love. Great, but then self-doubt pops into your head and you say to yourself “maybe I should keep looking”. You travel to several more stores, shops, and even look online. Always comparing or buying things you don’t like and then getting overwhelmed. For some people, thinking about all the details in a project can stop them from moving forward with their design.

Coastal Living Room Design-Commit to a Design and love it
Coastal contemporary living room

Trust the Design and Commit to a Look You will Love

As an interior design professional, we are surrounded by new styles and designs. The key to pinpointing your design look is to commit to the mood, form, and function you want for the overall design. In other words, to accomplish your design goals. Your goal is to complete the design. Sometimes when you overthink the individual pieces in the interior design project the whole design looks either uninteresting or completing lacking in the mood you were after. However, if you can visualize the completed look. The effect will be stunning.

Commit to a Design and love it- in this Laurel Hollow NY living room design
Laurel Hollow Living Room Design

A Check List for a Perfectly Designed Room

The three points to every great design plan are knowing your goals for the outcome. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the mood you want to portray? eg. warm, elegant, comfortable
  • What is the shape or form of the room your working on? eg. is it a large room, an intimate dining area, an outside patio
  • What is the function of the space? eg. will this be a space for the whole family, your home study or library, a place to entertain family and friends
Commit to a Design and love it  home office
Home Office

In conclusion, it’s best to imagine the whole picture to create a successful aspirational interior design. Not everyone has the talent or the desire to pull the design together. This is the foundation of what we do at Sandra Asdourian Interiors. We define our client’s style goals and execute the perfect design plan for their needs.

Large family Kitchen
Large family Kitchen

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Coastal Vibes Bedroom
Coastal Vibes Bedroom

The Right Height to Hang Art

The hanging height of artwork can make or break the effect of the piece’s impact. So, what is the right height to hang art? You walk into a room and notice that all the artwork is hung at several different heights? But somehow they feel balanced? Do you know why? The reason is the center of the overall artwork is hung to the same height.

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Should You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

You’re looking at your current kitchen. And after paging through design magazines and pinning away on Pinterest. You’re thinking maybe you should paint your kitchen cabinets. But there are a few things you must consider before you pull out a paintbrush and go at it. The question is should you paint your kitchen cabinets? Or should you hire a professional?

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Starting a New Design Project?

You’re thinking of starting a New Design Project. Fantastic! You’ve been looking around your home and feel it’s time to make some changes. However, what should you know before you start to choose anything?

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Sandra Asdourian Interiors

Designing around your Needs

Our lives are changing everyday. As a result, there has never been more of a demand for designing your home around your needs. For instance, some people are moving to larger homes from busy cities. Their need to furnish extra rooms with furniture, to scale with their new home is important. On the other hand, some people are moving from larger suburban homes to condo’s or townhouses. They need to downsize the amount and scale of their furniture and accessories.

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