Style Matters: Mixing Your Style

You have a Traditional style home. However, your design aesthetic is leaning more toward Contemporary. Above all, your style matters: mixing your style. Your home should reflect you. In other words, even with a traditional home design. You can mix in contemporary design elements creating a transitional layout.

Style Matters: Mixing Your Style with Sandra Asdourian Interiors

What is Transitional Design? Style Matters: Mixing Your Style

A mix of traditional and contemporary styles creates a transitional design. The look is sophisticated yet straightforward, furniture lines and accessories are minimal. In transitional design, selected with care, layered, but unique. Such as a single potted orchid. For instance, we are adding a group of vases on a baby grand piano.

Style Matters: Mixing Your Style. Mixing a traditional home with transitional designs. Blue sofas in a navy blue room with brass accents.

How Color Plays a Part In the Style Mix

Modern home designs call for minimal colors. However, that does not mean not using any color. Just shades and tones complement the overall design. Therefore, bringing in textures and dimensions will create a modern design in any space. It is adding stone, textural artwork, or vases. It will bring a stylish contemporary element to your design.

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Rugs Can Transform a Room Design

Starting with the floor plan is key to any great design. However, the rug can be a great inspiration for mixing your design style. For example, imagine you have a traditional rug to start with but would like to add a coastal vibe to your great room. Pulling the colors of the carpet for your room design could be the key to mixing the styles. Remember, just because something is of one “style” doesn’t mean you can’t mix it with another type.

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