Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Breathes New life into the World around Us

Looking for a few Spring Decorating Ideas Without Leaving Your House? Decorating your home may or may not be a high priority for many people right now. However, as an interior designer, I can guarantee you that your environment plays a role in how you feel in your home. When your home feels comfortable, it affects your mood and your health. Spring is a time for new life and growth. Spring Breathes New Life into the World around Us.

Spring Decorating Ideas Without Leaving Your House
Sunny Naples Breakfast Room

Spring Decorating Ideas Without Leaving Your House

Here are a few quick, no-cost or low-cost ideas for bringing in the feeling and freshness of Spring into your home, without having to leave your house.

  1.  Flowers and branches cut from your back yard make great centerpieces for your dining table, kitchen island or coffee table. I love the look of white birch branches or local greenery as a centerpiece.
  2. Rearrange the furniture. You may need a little help with this one, but trying some new arrangements in key areas of your home will make your home feel fresh and new.
  3. Switch around your artwork and accessories. Switching accessories from one room to the next can create a renewed feeling.  
  4. Style a bookcase or table top. Take cues from your favorite designer online and style a few vignettes.
  5. Dinner Party Nights. Go ahead and bring out your best china, use linen napkins, maybe a few candles, and set a beautiful dining room table even if it’s just for your immediate family. Check out our Blog on “Beautiful Table Settings”
  6. Paint abstract art with your kids’ paint supplies. 
  7. Decorate with fruits and citrus if you have some on hand or have trees in your backyard. Use a large crystal or wooden bowl.
  8. Organize pantries, drawers, cabinets. Throw out those old outdated spices. Make a box of old clothing for Goodwill.
  9. Shop online for new colorful bed linens. Check our our Blog on “Styling Your Bed Like a Stylist”
  10. Update the photos in your framed photos.
Spring Decorating Ideas Without Leaving Your Home
Holiday House Dining Room

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