Should You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

You’re looking at your current kitchen. And after paging through design magazines and pinning away on Pinterest. You’re thinking maybe you should paint your kitchen cabinets. But there are a few things you must consider before you pull out a paintbrush and go at it. The question is should you paint your kitchen cabinets? Or should you hire a professional?

Should You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets? These cabinets where painted
Painted Cabinets

How do You Know if You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets or Replace them?

So how will you know if painting the cabinets will give you the look you are after? There are a few points to note to help you decide.

  • How is the current condition of the cabinets and doors?
  • Do you like the style of the cabinet doors?
  • How is the layout of your kitchen? Does it work for you?
  • What are your countertops? Color and Materials?
  • How old are the cabinets?

After you answer all of these questions you will be able to make an educated decision on painting vs. replacing.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s kitchen cabinets are in great condition. In addition, the style is a timeless shaker style. They are very happy with the layout. Similarly, the countertops are a neutral granite. Lastly, the cabinets are 15 years old but are solid wood, well-made cabinets. But they are in a deep cherry wood tone. The Smiths cabinets would be perfect to have professionally painted.

Shaker Style Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Shaker Style Painted Kitchen Cabinets

When is it better to Replace

Now imagine you are Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Your cabinets are in great condition. Only about 8 years old. You like the layout but the style of the doors is a cathedral style door. Which you don’t love. In this case, The Jones’s would be better off replacing the door fronts with a style they like vs. painting.

cathedral style door
Cathedral style door

In this last example, Mr. Adams buys a condo. The kitchen is in terrible condition. The cabinets are not in good shape, they are damaged and some of the draws and doors don’t close properly. However, the layout is good. Therefore, replacing the cabinets with new boxes, doors, and draws would be a better way to go. Painting the existing cabinets would not be recommended in this scenario.

Updated Condo Kitchen

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