Shopping with an Interior Designer

Designing a room starts with an idea, that develops into a design plan, the color scheme, and also the sourcing. Shopping with an Interior Designer we source all the products needed to design a beautiful space. How do we find all these pieces? I regularly shop ” for the trade only” vendors and regional design show such as the ICFF in NYC and Fort Lauderdale FL.

Looking for a New Sofa; try Shopping with an Interior Designer

It’s a funny thing but shopping for a new sofa can be so much easier with a professional interior designer to guide you through the process. Think about how much time you spend sitting, lounging, and entertaining in your living room. You want to get the best quality sofa you can. As an example, a better sofa will cost around $7000- $11,000. It will have 8-way hand-tied seating; feather/ down “interiors” which are the gold standard of quality and comfort. Yes, you could find a sofa for way less but consider this. How long will you have your sofa? 10 years? 20 years? How much was your car? And how long did you keep it?

Shopping with an Interior Designer with a Custom sectional sofa may be the perfect solution for your living room
A custom sectional sofa may be the perfect solution for your living room

Custom vs Stock

With custom furniture, you can create a special piece. It will be unique and cannot be found at your regular furniture center. As a result, we have the flexibility to customize the finish of the wood, size, fabrics, or hardware to fit your space perfectly.

Now also consider the depth of the seat. Most people don’t realize that their upholstered furniture is uncomfortable for them till they get it home and it’s too late. But sofas or chairs come in different depths. Sofas also have different back cushion heights. If your husband is tall he will be more comfortable in a higher back cushion since this supports his shoulders and chest. In contrast, if you are shorter you may be more comfortable with a lower-backed sofa with less depth to the seat.

Shopping with an Interior Designer for a Custom Upholstered Chair
Custom Upholstered Chair

A Day at the Design Center Shopping with an Interior Designer

When sourcing for a design project. I have a list of my favorite vendors and design centers. We like working with companies that we know and trust. Most of these designer showrooms are only open to interior designers but will allow us to bring in clients to sit in and see the furniture. The selection and choices are out of this world. Nothing you would ever find in Homegoods or other retail stores.

Shopping with an Interior designer to find a console with a custom finish
Console with a custom finish

It’s all about the Accessories and Artwork

A room can have all the furniture in place, the perfect color scheme, and the flooring done. Certainly, a room without accessories and artwork is like wearing your favorite Prada dress but forgetting the earrings and your Jimmy Choos! Similarly, the addition of accessories and artwork are like jewelry for your space.

Gorgeous colorful accessories
Gorgeous colorful accessories can really make a room pop!

Shopping for Lighting

Lastly, the lighting of a room can transform a space. Therefore shopping for the perfect chandelier for your foyer with its 25-foot ceilings can be a daunting task. The size and proportion need to be relative to the height and width of the space. Consequently shopping trade only lighting centers for interesting lighting is so important. We search for the correct mood and function of every piece of lighting we bring into a project.

Fantastic Lighting
Fantastic Lighting

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