Selecting an Area Rug

Designing a room starts with inspiration. This can come from anywhere; artwork, or even a pillow. However, when selecting an area rug for the room. The rug becomes that one piece that ties the other elements of the design together.

Selecting an Area Rug for a family rug by Sandra Asdourian Interiors in Laurel Hollow NY

The Mood, Purpose, and Scale in Selecting an Area Rug

When choosing an area rug you have to consider the mood, the purpose, and the scale of the room. First, the mood: what’s the overall feeling or mood of the room design. For instance, is the room design traditional or contemporary? Next, think about the purpose of the room. Is it a formal dining room or a family room with lots of kids? And lastly, the scale of the room. Therefore, if you have a large open floor plan two or more area rugs may be needed. If the room design is a smaller cozy breakfast room, then a casual all-purpose jute rug may be the perfect rug for design space.

Selecting an Area Rug that fit the scale of the room at Sandra Asdourian Interiors Laurel Hollow NY

Starting with a New Design Project and Selecting an Area Rug

The mood of a room can change instantly when the perfect rug is added. With the move toward contemporary design, many clients are moving away from the traditional rug styles. The new abstract designs work beautifully with many design elements of a contemporary design.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Master Bedroom Design in Naples FL

Starting from the Floor up

When selecting the color scheme. Your area rugs can be a wonderful inspiration. As interior designers, sometimes our clients have antique wool/silk rugs. Therefore, we can use these as starting points for the design. The color scheme can come literally from the rug. For instance, this was the scenario in the room below. We selected the furniture, artwork, and furnishings based on the colors of the area rugs.

Selecting an Area Rug for this living room designed by Sandra Asdourian Interiors.

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