the perfect drapery for your home

Perfect Drapery Placement for your Home

Draperies and curtains are the frames for your windows. In addition to finding the perfect drapery placement for your home. Interior designers get so many questions from clients on the height and width their drapery should hang. Therefore lets jump right in to it.

The Perfect Height for Drapery

A simple rule is to position the rod about 6 inches above the window frame. Also the end of the rod should be 6 inches from the end of the window. Although if you have very high ceilings split the difference between the window frame and the ceiling for rod placement. Although if your ceiling height is 8 feet or lower position the rod closer to the ceiling will create an illusion of more height to the space. Remember this is about finding the perfect drapery placement for “your” home.

Helpful Video on a few different types of drapery

The Perfect Width

Next to achieve the perfect drapery placement you want to think about the look of the drapery. Do you want them just for show or do you need more fullness so to cover the windows? Follow this rule for every 50 inches of window width you need two panels of curtains. Therefore for really nice full look, two panels on each side would be needed.

The Perfect Length

Finally the perfect length of drapery placement for your home should above all reflect the mood of the space. In other words, for a classic look the drapery should just brush the floor. Otherwise for a very dramatic look have them puddling on the floor by as much a foot draped on the floor.

The Perfect Hardware Placement for your Home

In conclusion finding the perfect hardware for your drapery is really based on your personal style. For instance if you are added grommet type curtains its best the match the same metals. Similarly if you are using wood rods to match the wood else ware in the space.

Glass ball rod with brushed nickel finish Perfect Drapery Placement for your Home

Glass Ball Extendable Rod Set – Brushed Nickel
sun bleached wooden rod set
Perfect Drapery Placement for your Home

Square Architectural Sun Bleached Linen Wooden Rod Set

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