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NYC Model to Interior Designer

So how did an NYC Model to Interior Designer happen? One day a client asked me how I stared in interior design and how I started my interior design business. In other words, what was my journey to where I am today? Well, that got me thinking about the steps that brought me from being an NYC Fashion Model to being an Interior Designer.

The Glamour of the Modeling World

The world of modeling “Travel the world, speak French, live in NYC” fashion modeling really checked all those boxes for me. Beauty and the fashion world are very exciting. In addition, it was so much fun! I always love a good runway show. Occasionally, I will still take on a modeling job if it works into my schedule.

Fashion and Interior design are very similar. It’s all about creating something beautiful. The beginning of the NYC Model to Interior Designer was being formulated. Consequently, I was always drawn toward interior design. The space we live in makes us feel something, good or bad. I believe, if you love where you live and if it feels like home, it affects your mood and health.

From NYC Model to Interior Designer

Becoming an Interior Designer began with decorating my own home. However, when my friends started asking me for interior design advice. As a result, it seemed like I was on to something. The pleasure of helping them realized their design dreams for their homes.

Finally, the day I started my interior design business and launched my website I was certain this was my true calling. My husband said I’m a rainmaker, “you have a way of turning nothing into something.” And isn’t that what being an Interior Designer is all about?

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