Mixing Metals How many is Enough?

As an interior designer people ask me one of two questions. First, where do you find all these great pieces for your client’s homes? And second is mixing metals okay? To answer the first question, I shop a lot and have a terrific memory. However, we work with so many great vendors. We have a lot to choose from! For the second question. Yes, mixing metals is perfectly fine! It can be very exciting and interesting to mix metals in your Decor.

What you need to know

All the metal elements in any design should feel balanced with the color scheme and flow of the room. As an example, in the photo below, we have a brushed nickel light fixture, a console table with brass leg details, and a champagne framed artwork. The flow is pulled together by the abstract art displayed here with gold for the brass, beige for the champagne, and white for the brushed nickel.

Mixing Metals and How many is enough? In this Great Room there are three metals
Mixing Metals in this Naples Great Room and Dining Room

When you need to Mix Metals

Occasionally you will have the need to mix metals which is perfectly okay! They may have nothing to do with the color scheme or the need to add a new metal element to the room. Therefore, it is just out of necessity. In a kitchen design, most but not all people have stainless appliances and a stainless steel sink. However, they like the look of wrought iron for the faucet and open shelving. Notice how well this balances out with the stainless steel sink and industrial wall vent. In this design, there are also the brass cabinet pulls which add a warm element as with the wood shelving.

kitchen design, most not all but most people have stainless appliances and a stainless steel sink.
The kitchen is one place to mix metals easily

Places where mixing metals looks great

Mixing Metals in a living room design is a great place to start. Therefore, overhead lighting can be a mix of metals. As an example, black metal with brass looks wonderful together. The silver metal end tables and the brass round mirror mimic the same shape but are in different metals. Which totally works together.

So many places to Mix Metals
So many places to Mix Metals

Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

For kitchen designs at Sandra Asdourian Interiors, we love mixing metals. As an example, the cabinet pulls can be in brass yet the bar stool legs are in chrome and once again the stainless steel appliances. However, notice the brass and wrought iron lighting. They all work perfectly in this kitchen design.

White Kitchen with brass cabinet pulls
White Kitchen with brass cabinet pulls

Ready to mix some metals in your home but not sure where to start?

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