Making a Great Entrance

Have you heard the saying ” You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” by Will Rogers. The same is true for your foyer. Similarly, making a great entrance says something about what’s to come inside your home.

Making a Great Entrance in your foyer by  Sandra Asdourian Interiors Upper Brookville NY

A Place to Make a Bold Statement and Entrance

Do you come home each day and breeze through your foyer? Creating a fabulous foyer may give you pause to linger and enjoy your surroundings. However, if the area is just a place to throw your keys down and hang your coat. You can still make it special for yourself and your guests. A few suggestions are updating the lighting to a dramatic chandelier. Also defining the space with a contrasting color to attached areas. Adding a statement art piece as a conversation starter is a wonderful addition too.

Making a Great Entrance
Sandra Asdourian Interiors Upper Brookville NY

Foyer Tables and Enough Lighting

As you walk through your foyer it’s important to have enough lighting. Therefore, it’s not only essential to have some overhead. As in a chandelier or semi flush mount lighting fixture. It’s equally necessary for some ambient lighting. For instance, think about adding a gorgeous crystal lamp or some recessed lighting. In addition, this will add a layer of welcoming atmosphere to the foyer.

Making a Great Entrance by Adding lighting to your foyer and a great mirror. Sandra Asdourian Interiors Upper Brookville NY

Pulling it Altogether in a Conhesive Design

The balance of creating a foyer that truly makes an entrance is adding that wow element. Consider the stairway carpet as a work of art. In other words, by adding a dramatic carpet design you will create a bold statement for everyone entering your home. In addition, to creating a home that is absolutely memorable.

Making a Great Entrance and Go Bold and Make a statement. With Sandra Asdourian Interiors Upper Brookville NY

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