Living with Less but Better

If we’ve learned nothing else during these last few months, it has to be that spending quality time at home with our loved ones is so important. Living with less but “Better” has become the mantra for many of us. What exactly does that mean? Above all, we have become more thankful for our family, friends, and home. Our homes are our safe haven, our clean space, our home office, the children’s home classroom, etc. In addition, the elements of our homes have become super important. The clutter of having too much stuff has cleared the way for upgrading to better living with our family and friends.

Living with Less but Better by Sandra Asdourian Interiors Laurel Hollow NY

Deciding on Living Better and with Less Stuff

Many of my clients are asking us to design spaces that are meaningful to their lifestyle. Rooms that they can truly live in. In other words, to fully utilize every room in their home. Home offices with better quality furniture, that’s comfortable with ample storage. For instance, using artwork that reflects their personality and lifestyle.

Living with Less but Better by Sandra Asdourian Interiors Home Office In Babylon NY
Home Office reflecting our Clients Fine Art Photography

Creating a Place for Social Gathering with the Family

When the children are grown and off to university. It’s lovely to have a central location for family gatherings. For instance, one of our clients has a large musical family. Having a comfortable great room with swivel chairs and fabulous lighting for the children’s next piano concert. It’s about creating memorable moments in the comfort of your home with your family. Similarly, it’s time to invest in high-quality furniture that is not only comfortable but will last more than a few years.

Living with Less but Better by Sandra Asdourian Interiors Laurel Hollow NY
Great Room Upper Brookville NY

Quality over Quantity

The use of performance fabrics with 15,000+ double rubs. These materials are ideal for busy homes that have pets and children. Therefore, they will stand the test of time. Buying “bench made” furniture. This means a process typically involving a woodworker who builds the frame, and an inside upholsterer who upholsters the frame by applying padding and fabric. The next step is an outside upholsterer who upholsters fabric to the exterior for a proper fit. These craftsmen are highly skilled, requiring many years of experience to attain mastery.

Living with Less but Better by Sandra Asdourian Interiors Great Room in Babylon NY

Next Steps to Living with Less But Better

In conclusion, create a home that is a reflection of your personality and filled with only things your truly love. The best designed rooms are when my clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to truly live in the space.

 Sandra Asdourian Interiors Master Bedroom In Babylon NY
Master Bedroom Design

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