Living In Comfort at Home

What does it mean “living in comfort”? We all want to feel comfortable. For instance, we want to feel comfortable in our clothing, at our work, and in our homes. But how many people are truly comfortable in their homes? The number one reason clients contact our interior design firm is that even though they have tried decorating their homes. They just don’t feel their home is comfortable. The meaning of luxury is comfort. When your home feels comfortable, it affects your mood and your health.

Living In Comfort at Home Sandra Asdourian Interiors Naples FL

What it feels like to be Living In Comfort

A comfortable home is a home that suits your needs. In other words, it’s like is having everything laid out perfectly, from the floor plan to the selection of furniture. In addition, do you know the feeling of having a comfortable pair of shoes? That’s the best feeling! Above all, you can walk all day in them. Similarly, that’s the same feeling you could be having at home. A place that fits your lifestyle perfectly, a place you feel relaxed.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Laurel Hollow NY Living In Comfort at Home

Creating Your Own Comfort

Understanding your design needs for you and your family would be the starting point to creating a home you feel comfortable in. For instance, your whole family are avid movie watchers. By adding a big oversized sectional sofa with a large coffee table and installing room darkening window treatments. You would have the ultimate movie room. This way, when you want to view movies on Sunday afternoon. You’re ready to get comfortable and enjoy the popcorn!

Living In Comfort at Home Sandra Asdourian Interiors Naples FL

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