Is Your Guest Bedroom Guest Ready?

With summer just around the corner. Is your guest bedroom, guest-ready? Now is the perfect time to get your guest bedroom in top shape before your first guests arrive. In other words, following these simple guild lines, it’ll be smooth sailing for you and your guests.

The Check List for a Guest Ready Guest Bedroom

Take some time to clear out the clutter. In other words, the best thing you can do to make your guests feel at home is to give them a place to unpack their clothing. Therefore, clean out the guest bedroom closet of your own personal items and make some room for them to unpack. Similarly clear a few dresser draws while you are at it for their things. If you don’t already have a dresser in this room. Now would be the perfect time to invest in a new chest of draws. Dressers are a great place to store some extra blankets too. People sleep at different temperatures. Having a few blankets nearby is a nice touch.

White Dresser with painting of Flower on top
White Dresser

Color Schemes

Is your color scheme in your guest bedroom, guest-ready? For instance, think about adding some soothing colors and soft textures. The color is super important when we design a guest bedroom for our clients. Above all, we work with a color scheme that not only flows with the whole house but also is a restful retreat for their guests.

Bright Colors and soft Bedding
Bright Colors and soft Bedding

Bedding and Linens-Is your Guest Bedroom Guest Ready?

In addition, please for the sake of your guest’s comfort try to buy the best, the softest, and the finest bedding you can. Above all, you want your guest bedroom to be a reflection of you and your hospitably. For more information about sheets and bedding check out our blog on Styling Your Bed Like a Stylist.

Is your Guest Bedroom Guest ready?Fine sheets for your guests
Fine Sheets Make a Big Impact

The Extras

In conclusion, when designing a guest bedroom for our clients we always place a small table or nightstand near the bed. Similarly, it’s nice to place a carafe and glass for water nearby. In addition, we suggest tucking a card with the Wi-Fi details close by on the side table. Also as an added touch, place an alarm clock nearby for those earlier morning workouts at the gym or for a run by the beach.

Time to break out the Rosé and enjoy their visit!

Is Your Guest Bedroom Guest Ready?carafe and glass for water bedside is a nice touch
A carafe of water bedside is a nice touch

Do you want to have a guest bedroom you feel proud of?

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