Is it a Coffee Table or a Cocktail Table?

Ok, we have all heard the names Coffee Table and Cocktail Table. But just what is that rather largish table we put in front of our sofas? Is it a Coffee Table or a Cocktail Table? And yes every Interior Designer will say sofa over a couch, but you know what I mean.

Is it a Coffee Table or a Cocktail Table?
Sectional Sofa with a glass cocktail table

The History of the Coffee Table

It began in the 16th-century when the first coffee houses opened in London. People needed a place to set their hot cups. Therefore, the beginnings of the coffee table started with the need to put the hot coffee cup down on something. The tables were called tea tables. They were tall too, at about 27″ high. Perfect for placing a cup between sips. However, when you think about the coffee tables or cocktail tables today which are about 20″ high the 16th-century tea tables were really tall.

The History of the Coffee Table and Cocktail Table. An antique tea table
An antique tea table

How to Choose the Correct Size Table

The correct size table to place in front of your seating area depends on the size of the sofa and chair and the size of the room. You want to leave at least one and a half feet to two feet between the table edge and the seating area. In other words, any less and your knees will be bumping the table.

Final Thoughts

So what’s the difference between these two tables? Cocktail tables are essentially coffee tables that are square or rectangular in shape. Ok really? But a coffee table, on the other hand, is a cocktail table which is round or circular in shape. Confused? Let’s make it simpler. First, a cocktail table is basically the same as a coffee table. Secondly, there’s no harm in believing this because at the end of the day both are tables placed in front of the sofa, and also both are used for entertaining guests and can be used to place a cup of coffee as well as a cocktail or snack! After that, it’s all that really matters.

Round Coffee Table
Round coffee table

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