We take the guesswork out of choosing the right furniture and finishes. Award-winning Interior Designer, Sandra Asdourian is known for clean, open, textured designs.

Specializing in Biophilic Coastal Contemporary Designs. Sandra believes the meaning of luxury is comfort. When your home feels comfortable, it affects your mood and your health.

Starting the Interior Design Process for Sandra Asdourian Interiors Transitional Foyer Design

Full Design Process

• We start with a discovery call. On the call, we want to get a clear idea of what your design needs are, the scope and scale of your project.

• You schedule a 90-minute Design Consultation. At the design consultation, Sandra will walk through your home and assess what you would like to improve and offer design suggestions. Also, we can work remotely with zoom or facetime.

• We then customize your design plan. In addition, to preparing the floor plans and/or other renderings we also source all the items needed for your project.

Finally, we handle all of the details and project management for your project, so you can sit back and relax. You come home to a beautiful, comfortable, luxuriously designed home.

Fees-based on the scope of the project. We want to work with you. Therefore, we offer several options to fit all project types. Retail, Flat Fee and Hourly Rates.

Design Consultation Only

• We start with a discovery call. On the call, we want to get a clear idea of what your design goals are.

• At the meeting, either in person or remotely with facetime, Sandra will answer any of your design questions and offer design suggestions, after the meeting you’ll have lots of ideas on how to transform your space.

• Also, after the consultation, if you would like more time or design suggestions it will be billed by the hour.

Color/Paint-only Consultation

• We bring our paint sample kit and help in selecting paint colors. The consultation is in person at the design project location or remotely with facetime.

• Sandra will work with your preferences, likes, and dislikes. She will also point out the undertones in the paint colors.

• It should take about one hour for the consultation, if you need more time it will be billed by the hour.

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A consultation can be either a standalone service or the first piece of a full design process

Interior Designer Sandra Asdourian

Originally from New York City, Sandra Asdourian Interior Designer started her professional career as an NYC fashion model. Known for her clean, open, textured designs inspired by her client’s lifestyles.

Sandra Asdourian is on the board of directors for Interior Design Society on Long Island and a member in Naples FL. She is an IDS Special Events Chair and Committee member on the IDS PIF Veterans House.

Sandra Asdourian Interior Designer Naples FL and Babylon Village NY

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