Interior Designer in Charleston SC


As an Interior Designer visiting Charleston SC I was very interested in history and my mother is from the south (Atlanta, GA). My husband and I decided why not head on down to Charleston SC. Since it’s already hot in NY lets hit the real heat of the south and go on down to Charleston in July! So we took a little vacation down to Charleston.  Boy this is a beautiful, historic and the southern hospitality is all so true! We loved all the history in Charleston from the Revolutionary war and the Civil War.

Interior Designer in Charleston SC Saint Philip's Church

Saint Philip’s Church

An Interior Designer Visiting Charleston SC

Visiting  the Charleston Museum, The Gibbes Museum, The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. Most memorable was the we went to Fort Sumter where the Civil War started! Since I’m an Interior Designer as a result was very interested in the Interior Design in Charleston SC. I especially liked the Charleston made furniture. Learning about how different it is then the northern furniture pieces in materials and height. Consequently because of the heat the furniture is made of local woods that will expand with the temperatures. Also, since most of the southern homes have higher ceiling most cabinetry can be taller in height.

 Charleston SC The Gibbs Museum
Gibbs Museum
The Belmond Charleston Place Charleston SC

Belmond Charleston Place Lobby
Charleston SC from the Gibbs Museum
Gibbs Museum
The Vendue in Charleston SC
The Lobby of the Vendue
the Grand Staircase in the Joseph Manigault House
Grand Staircase in the Joseph Manigault House

The Historical Parts of Downtown Charleston

As an Interior Designer in Charleston SCI was very interested in the historical parts of Downtown Charleston have an interesting addition of a side porch by which you enter the house. The home is a “definition Charleston single,” meaning a narrow structure with the short side facing the street and a covered porch along the long side. As a result it looks like is this; from the street your view is of the side of the house with windows. The appearance of a front door but when that door is opened you are on the side porch. You then can see the side gardens and the main front of the home. I loved this particular style of Interior Design in Charleston SC since it gives the home owner privacy from the street but allows you views of your gardens and visitors as they arrive.

In Charleston SC a Classic Front Door
Charleston Classic Front Door

Window Boxes

Can we talk about flowering window boxes? I truly believe that window boxes must have been invented if not perfected in Charleston. It would seem that every home in the downtown area has colorful, overflowing and healthy window boxes. Just so gorgeous! The colorfully painted houses on almost every street also gives you the feeling of living in color and it’s not drab in any way, shape or form. Homes are mostly made of Charleston brick,  the homes are strong,  beautiful and built to last. Apparently the test of time it true, this city has been around since 1670.

Window Boxes
 Rainbow Row
Charleston SC Rainbow Row
Sandra Asdourian Interior Designer in Charleston SC  by the Pineapple Fountain
Sandra Asdourian Interior Designer by the Pineapple Fountain in Charleston SC

We are back in NY now and it feels just as hot as Charleston but I love it 😊

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