Interior design questions

Top five interior design questions our clients ask during the initial design consultation

1. Interior design question is working with an interior designer expensive?

This is number one of my top five interior design questions. An interior designer has the ability, through our “for the trade“ business relationships to purchase the best quality furniture. In other words, you will have access to a greater variety of furniture selection. Also better quality furniture. When you factor in our rates, you must consider your ability to have access to a wider range of selections.  Therefore, the cost of working with an interior designer is quantifiable. We help clients achieve the look they desire for their projects while preventing costly design errors.

Interior design questions-Coastal Chic Living room with contemporary furniture
Coastal Chic Living room with contemporary furniture

2. What if I have several key pieces I don’t want to part with, can they be blended in with my new design?

Most people will enter into a decorating project with a full house of furniture, we ask our clients to tell us what they like most about each key piece and which they dislike. Talking with your designer and sharing your thoughts will go a long way toward creating the perfect blend. For example, if a client has a treasured 1920’s side table or black lacquered china cabinet they love, we will work them into their design. As Bunny Williams, Interior Designer once said “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”

3. Interior design question- How do you come up with all your design ideas?

Interior Design is definitely a conceptional art form. As a Designer, I have the ability to see the whole space as the finished design. We are trained, have a process and procedures to pull together a successful room. Most people have trouble visualizing a completed space from a few swatches or some photos of furniture. As a trained professional; with a diploma in Interior Design, a member of the Interior Design Society in NY and in Naples FL. I also participate in Continuing Education, regularly visit designer showrooms, follow color trends, and study furniture from all time periods. As a result, I have a lot of inspiration and knowledge to pull from.

Logo for IDS Interior design questions
Interior Design Society

4. I just inherited an antique piece of furniture but I love Contemporary designs how will you make it work in my house?

I love this Interior design question. Antiques have a past, almost a soul, they carry a story with them. In a design plan, antiques can add excitement to the room. For instance, if you look at any European magazine you will see examples of mixing the old with the new.  Similarly, it’s a key feature of many beautiful homes. I consider it the perfect mix with contemporary designs throughout a space. The wonderful part is that this “look” comes across natural and easy. Adding a few pieces from your own family’s history is a sure way to bring some character and personality to your home.

Interior design questions-white room with wood desk
Mixing antiques with contemporary furniture

5. I want a new kitchen, but not sure were to start, can I keep my cabinets to save money?

My fifth top Interior design questions has to be about kitchens. Let’s start with the age of the kitchen. Similarly, if your kitchen cabinets are over 10 years old, just like a mattress, it is most likely time to replace it. The beauty of starting from new is you could redesign the layout. For instance, to create a better flow, maybe adding a wine /coffee bar area or walk-in pantry. Furthermore, you will have the kitchen that you dreamed of.

However, if you are completely happy with the style of the cabinet doors. And in addition, they are in good condition and the layout works. They could be painted. However, this will last about five to ten years before they may need to be repainted again.

In conclusion, this way is more cost effective but after five years you may want to replace the cabinets or update the whole kitchen. After all, the goal should be to design your kitchen once and love it forever.

Interior design questions on a built in wine bar
built in wine bar

If you have any other design questions please schedule a free phone consultation today.