Interior Design Process

Step 1. Design Consultation: Interior Design Process

To begin the interior design process, we schedule a discovery call. The call is to better understand what your design needs, the scope, and scale of your project. Next, we schedule the Design Consultation for up to 90 minutes. At the design consultation, Sandra will walk through your home and assess what you would like to improve. You can write notes, but she will email you her recommendations a day after the meeting. Also, at the meeting she will answer any of your design questions and help with color suggestions, offer lighting suggestions, window treatment suggestions, styling, and furniture suggestions. Also, she will give you her thoughts on ways to improve the layout. At the end of your time together, you’ll have lots of suggestions and ideas about how to transform your space. The fee is $275. If after the consultation you would like more time or design suggestions it will be billed at $150 hour or we can work together with any one of the services listed below.

A consultation can be either a standalone service or the first piece of a full design process

Color/Paint-only Consultation

Sandra will help in selecting colors and answering whatever color questions you may have. In other words, at the end of your time together, you’ll have lots of suggestions. The best way for a color consultation is in person at the design project location. Sandra will bring a paint color sample kit; however, she will ask about your preferences, likes and dislikes. As a result, she will suggest colors based on what was discussed and point out the undertones of the color scheme. Should take about one hour for the consultation, the fee is $150, if you need more time it will be billed at $150 hour.

Once we finalize the color scheme, extra-large color sample swatches, are ordered. These are free of charge, in 8”x 9” sizes of all the colors chosen. As an example, the samples will arrive in about 48 hours. Sandra will also create a document with all the color samples, room location, product and sheen recommendations. She will mail that to you the next day after the consultation. Therefore, you can give this directly to your painter to order the paint. We work with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint samples.

Color Samples used in the Interior Design Process
Color Paint samples

Step 2. Full Design Process

The first step is an in-home design consultation to discuss your design needs and what you would like to invest in your project. After that, we arrange a time to measure the project space and outline the design plan. Sandra then develops the design concept. In addition, to preparing the floor plans and/or other renderings also sourcing all the items needed for your project.  Most importantly, we meet with our tradespeople to prepare quotes.

We work with trade prices from our vendors. In addition, we share this pricing discount along with you. Hiring an Interior Designer allows you options and choices that are not typically available at stores. Similarly, we work with ‘for the trade only vendors‘ so each piece chosen for your project is as unique as your home. We work with top-notch vendors so you don’t have to worry about finding them on your own. After that, is the presentation for your approval with any revisions needed. In conclusion, we start ordering, arranging the trades work, deliveries and final installation. We handle all of the detailed measuring, sourcing, proposals, and project management for all orders and deliveries. We communicate and execute clear deadlines with all involved parties, including contractors, architects, and vendors. Fee-based on the scope of the project. We want to work with you. Therefore, we offer several options to fit all project types. Retail, Flat Fee and Hourly Rates. Please contact us here to discuss your project

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the Interior Design Process
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Other Interior Design Processes

1. One Day Make Over

Do you have everything you need but not sure how-to layout your floor plan? This is the service for you! With this Interior Design Process, Sandra will work with your existing furniture and accessories by rearranging and pulling pieces you already own to give you a more cohesive design plan. In other words, she can help you rearrange your furniture, bookshelves, update your mantle or change out the display inside your china cabinet. You will have a totally new look with your own pieces. Up to 4 hours $500

2. Designer for the day

Do you need help picking out colors, tile, hardware, carpet, wallpaper, fabrics, furniture, accessories, etc.? You can book a designer for the day. How it works, we meet at your home for a 90 minute design consultation for $275, we work on a design plan and you decide what your design goals are for our shopping day. Next we schedule a design date. We then go shopping at retail stores either online or in stores for tile, rugs, furniture or accessories. No more guesswork when decorating your home. Shop with a professional interior designer and get the home you really want. Full-Day $1200

3. Ask a Designer

Have a list of questions, live in a different state or don’t have the time for a Design Consultation? For instance, we have an “Ask a Designer “service. Email us your design questions and we will answer all your questions about your design dilemmas. $150

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