Interior Design Color Trends for 2019

Interior Design Color Trends 2019

Each year the Interior Design Color Trends 2019 from Benjamin Moore are released. They are an interesting mix of soft to bold colors. As an interior design professional I get so excited. For instance, pale creams to bold greens are the hottest color trends for 2019.

The Colors

As you can see in the chart below the color range from soft to bold. But when working with these colors I can tell you they are anything but boring. As an example, Metropolitan at first glance appears to look gray but it has a green undertone that pairs well with earthy woods and natural elements in a design plan.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors BM Color Trends 2019

Working with The Interior Design Color Trends

One the hottest Interior Design Color Trends 2019 has to be green. I love using blue and green in a lot of my designs. Therefore I especially love Beau Green 2054-20. A bold saturated color mix of deep blue and green. For instance this color pairs well with blue, pink and neutrals. Using it on a accent wall in the living room or as a bold statement for a study or dining room.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors BM Beau Green 2054-20

Pashmina AF-100 is another of my favorites!This warm taupe will pair well with blues or greens also with brass which is one of the new metal trends for 2019.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors BM Color Trends

 When working with a sophisticated palette. I love Head Over Heels AF-250 it has a soft and airy feeling which is perfect for a bedroom or a bathroom.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors BM Head over Heels AF-250

Fabric and Color Trends 2019

Similarly below is a fabric mood board I am working on for a client. The new color trends will work beautifully with this color scheme.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Mood Board
Color Concept Board

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