How Much Will This Cost?

You come home one day and say to your husband, “I think we should decorate our master bedroom. ” First the look of horror on his face, then his mind starts calculating, just how much will this cost? After that, you say “not too much” we just need, new furniture, new drapes, thinking about wallpapering the walls, and ceiling should be painted. Also, we need a need rug and some accessories. Then you think, we should get a new mattress. Since you always said you wanted a king-size bed, right? So then we need new bedding too. Does this sound familiar?

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Master Bedroom. How Much Will This Cost?
Master Bedroom

How Much Will This Bedroom Cost?

If you are like most people and are not an interior designer. You might think you can do this all yourself. For instance, you would have to choose, pick, and coordinate the whole design on your own. Or you could hire an interior design professional to design the bedroom for you. But, how much will this bedroom cost if you do it yourself vs hiring an interior designer?

Your Bedroom Budget Costs- Doing it on Your own

  • Bed $1500-$4000
  • Bedding $850-$3000
  • Dresser $550-$2200
  • Chair $350-$1500
  • Two Night Stand $850-$2500
  • Lighting $550-$1800
  • Rug $1200-$4500
  • Accessories $450-$1800
  • Artwork/Wall Decor $850-$2500
  • Faux Floral/Plants $250-$1100
  • Paint and Painter $500-$3000
  • Electrician $ 300-$750

Your Total Cost could be in the range of $10,000-$35,000, plus all the time spend searching, shopping, overseeing the deliveries, meeting the tradespeople, and coordinating the project.

Soft and Soothing bedroom design
Soft and Soothing bedroom design

Your Bedroom Budget Costs- With an Interior Designer

The bedroom design on this concept board came in under budget. The clients worked with our firm for this projectSimilarly, they saved a lot of time and money not having to run from one store to next looking for the perfect pieces in the correct sizes for the master bedroom design. However, the time invested for the clients was only about four hours total. Cost for this room with a designer $20,065 plus our design fee which would be $4000. The total project cost $24,065.

  • King Size Custom Upholstered Bed $3000
  • Designer Bedding $2500
  • Dresser 6 drawers with dark Maple top- $2200
  • Two Night Stands $2000
  • Tufted club chair $1950
  • Round ottoman $1190
  • Small turned ascent table $720
  • Lighting $950
  • Area Rug $1500
  • Drapery/ Hardware installed $1500
  • Artwork/ Decor $350
  • Paint and Painter $1750
  • Electrician $455
Mood Board for Bedroom design
Mood Board for Bedroom design

In conclusion, the budget for your bedroom design is up to you. Therefore, it really depends on how much you would like to invest in your home either with your time, money, or energy.

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