How An Interior Designer Shops

Have you ever wondered how an interior designer shops? All those fabulous pieces and accessories you see on Instagram and Pinterest. Similarly, maybe you’re thinking, I would love to know how they find all those amazing treasures. Do they have a map or book they follow? As an interior design professional, I can tell you I wish it was that easy as following a map or guidebook! Let’s jump right in and talk about the way we choose our vendors, showrooms, and stores for those gorgeous pieces.

How an interior designer shops, Sandra Asdourian Interiors Naples FL

Selecting Where an Interior Designer Shops

A few of the key points when selecting a vendor or shop to source for our clients. First, our firm does not source or shop at Homegoods. We have nothing against Homegoods. However, we need a certain level of conscientiousness in the products we order to complete a design. Secondly, we work with vendors and shops that we have a history with and trust their quality and workmanship. And finally, we also work with artists and craftsmen for custom, one-of-a-kind pieces.

It’s all About the Edit when Shopping

When we are in the design shops or selecting furniture. We are always looking and taking in the newest styles. As a matter of fact, recently I was working with my clients on selecting the perfect accent chairs for their newly constructed home. After presenting several options in my design trade-only showrooms. The client asked me ” how I knew of the different versions of the same style chair from several manufactures to show them and have them do the sit-in/ comfort test?” Well, the long and short of it is. I am in the market looking, sourcing, and testing out furniture daily. Therefore, I know exactly which chair to show them based on the way they would like it would sit.

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