Front Doors of the Amalfi Coast

Having recently returned from traveling throughout the Amalfi Coast. The front doors were very inspiring. With the views of the Mediterranean Sea. Similarly, was the food, the wine, the people, and history. All the architecture design, so gorgeous! However, as an Interior Designer, seeing the Italian design styles feeds my creative side.

Isle of Capri Green Door

The Bold Front Doors of the Amalfi Coast

The bold front door trims and details. Also, added to the majestic feeling of the grand doors. As an example, the heavy metal door knocker. For instance, the arch-top window above this door certainly gives a commanding presents.

Bold Wood Door with arch-top  window  in the Front Doors of the Amalfi Coast
Bold Wood Door with arch-top window

Traveling in the Amalfi Coast

From the Isle of Capri, Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Sorrento, and Pompeii the scenery was just breathtaking! As an example, the coastal views on the Isle of Capri where almost from every door way.

The breathtaking views of Isle of Capri

For instance, this was the Front Door directly across from the view.

Glass and Metal Gated Door
Full Glass and Metal Front Door In Capri

Amalfi Coast Architecture and Front Doors

Also noted was the classic Italian design thought out the village of Amalfi. This is an example of a classic six over six architecture with a Juliet balcony. Love the use of the green doors against the neutral building color.

Classic Amalfi coast building
Amalfi Classic building

This door was a for local business. Note the carved details at the top of the frame. In addition, the door opens from the middle two lower panels.

Sorrento  wood door
Sorrento Front Door to a business

With the Warmer Temperatures

Gated front door in  Capri
Double entrance, gates and heavy wood doors

The temperatures are still pretty warm even in September. As a result, the gardens where filled with fresh vegetables. Similarly, all the flower pots were in full bloom. The use of herbs and flowers near the front door to bring a “welcome home” feeling. The fresh vegetables and flowers were everywhere we traveled.

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