Creating a Home Office

Even if you don’t work from home, everyone needs a space to call their own. A comfortable place to read, write, and work on your laptop. Creating a home office or study will make your time dealing with paperwork more enjoyable. In other words, if you are using the kitchen table as a home office. It’s time to consider investing in a proper place to relax and get your work done. Because a home office/study isn’t just a place to work, it should be a reflection of who you are.

Creating a Home Office
Home Office

Desks vs. Built-ins for Your Home Office

Depending on the space you have for creating your home office, a free-standing desk would be ideal. But if you are limited on space. Almost any corner or unused wall can have a custom built-in desk made with shelving for storage. As an interior designer, I have designed home offices, in my client’s walk-in closets when space is at a premium. For a home office to work for you, it has to meet your unique needs.

Creating a Home Office
Built-in Desk

Room to Relax

Many homes have an extra guest bedroom that not being used to its full potential. Maybe the children have moved out. Therefore, you now have two or three guest bedrooms. One would be perfect for your Study or library. For instance, adding shelving for books and a comfortable sitting creates a relaxing retreat in your own home. A place to think, read, or write your next great novel.

Creating a Home Office by Sandra Asdourian Interiors
A gentleman’s study

Defining Your Needs for a Home Office Space

Once you can define your exact needs, the next step is to evaluate what your space will allow, your investment budget, and your time frame. Because as an interior designer I know first hand that it takes time to build a successful design plan. But the good news you can work with a design profession that will make to whole process run smoother.

Creating a Home Office
Navy Blue Study

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