Bring Nature into Your Home

Home is more important than ever. As a society, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. So how can you bring nature into your home? There are many ways. For instance, with biophilic design, you can introduce natural design elements.

Bring Nature into Your Home with a Courtyard of Greenery
Courtyard of Greenery

Health, Nature and Price Tag

Studies have shown that rooms with a view help improve people’s health and overall well being. Humans crave the outdoors. A house with a stunning, unobstructed view of a big lake or the ocean can boost the value of a home. Many New Yorkers, are generally willing to pay 10 to 25 percent more for an apartment that allows them to wander over to the window and take in the sights. Whether that’s a boat moving up the river or the rolling lawns of Central Park.

Stress levels go down when people are exposed to nature. After being in nature the effects on cortisol levels go down and have been shown to last for two weeks. Imagine that feeling you have after a day at the beach or when you are on vacation. Have you noticed how that feeling stays with you.

View in Southampton NY
View in Southampton NY

Bring Nature into Your Home with Design

As an interior designer I know first hand how a person’s home can affect their mood and happiness. Not everyone lives in a house with a great view but you can Bring Nature into Your Home. In addition, people want to spend more time in rooms with a feeling of nature in the design. Therefore, by incorporating Biophilic Design elements in your home you will feel the effects.

Bring Nature into your home with house plants
Bring Nature into your home

The Three Pillars of Biophilic Design

  • Nature in the Space: Probably the easiest. Adding house plants, a fish tank, and pets. Having direct views or access to a garden or courtyard view. These direct connections to nature have the strongest impact on us as humans.
  • Natural Analogues: Artificial plants, artwork that represents nature, or wallpaper with nature-inspired design. Architecture that evokes nature is an example of natural analogs.
  • Nature of the Space: This is the way in which space planning and architectural design affect our human responses and feelings. Think of an open floor plan with a sunroom or high ceilings.
Biophilic Design
Biophilic Design

Sandra Asdourian Interiors specializes in Biophilic Coastal Inspired designs. The meaning of luxury is comfort. When your home feels comfortable, it affects your mood and your health. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery phone call.