Beautiful Table Settings

Beautiful table settings. Don’t you love setting a beautiful table. Moreover when friends and family gather together. Setting a beautiful table is for any time of the year. In other words, not just the holidays. As a result, it got me thinking. About the decorating, entertaining, friends, family. And most importantly of creating memorable moments.

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Gray sofa with blue walls and navy pillows

Couples Blending their design styles

  It’s a super big commitment getting married or moving in together, you and your boyfriend/ husband are so happy in your new home. In addition, the realization that as a couple you have to blend your design styles.

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Sandra Asdourian Modeling for Spin Magazine

NYC Fashion Model to Interior Designer

So how did a NYC Fashion Model to Interior Designer happen? One day a client asked me how I stared in interior design and how I started my interior design business. In other words, what was my journey to were I am today. Well that got me thinking about the steps that brought me from being a NYC Fashion Model to being an Interior Designer.

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