Sandra Asdourian Interiors Gallery wall

Art & Design in Interior Design

Creating an amazing interior design starts with scale, balance, function and mood of a space. In other words, the Art & Design In Interior Design work together for a room to feel balanced. All the elements of the room must work together with the scale and mood. Also its important the function of the space works for the people living in it. But the artwork is for the shear pleasure of the viewer.

Design an Art Gallery Wall

The interior design of a space could include a gallery wall. What is a gallery wall? Do I need a lot of art? Yes and no. You could start with a few family photos and build from there. Or a collection of art you love. It’s really a matter of finding several pieces and building the gallery wall around them.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Babylon NY and Naples FL Art and Design in interiors design for this Gallery wall
Art & Design in Interior Design with this Gallery wall
Photo by Jose Soriano

Black and White Photography

With modern interior design projects I like working with black and white photography. It has a clean crisp look. Similarly one impressive Black & White image on a living room wall could be a true statement piece for the space. In addition a collection of black and white city scape images brings that “well traveled” vibe.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Babylon NY and Naples FL.  LIPG City
Long Island Photo Gallery Photographer: Sean Fitzthum

Art & Design In Contemporary Design with Art work

The marriage of art & design in interior design is apparent with the trend toward contemporary home designs. The use of abstract art and original art is taking the front row as interior designers choice for bringing in more texture and color to a space.

Sandra Asdourian Interiors Babylon NY and Naples FL. Art & Design in Interior Design with  Valerie Blauvelt artwork -Aurora
Art by Valerie Blauvelt

Landscapes Art

On the other hand there is something very soothing and tranquil about a landscape. What’s wonderful about adding a landscape to your space is you create an incredible view. For instance it’s almost like having a window to an amazing location hanging right on your our wall!

Art & Design in Interior Design-  Long Island Photo Gallery- Greg Wagner- Landscape
Long Island Photo Gallery Photographer: Greg Wagner

Art Objects -Objets d’art

The art and the other design elements in an interior design creates the mood. In other words, the addition of accessories to a space brings the room together. Therefore adding a vase or some form of decorative objects creates a complete vision for the mood of the design.

Art & Design in Interior Design-Objects d'art in this
Contemporary vignette
Objets d’art in this
Contemporary vignette

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