Are Formal Dining Rooms Obsolete?

When was the last time you used your formal dining room? If you haven’t used it in more than a month. Then it’s a room in your house that’s just not being utilized to its full potential. But are Formal Dining Rooms Obsolete? Could there be other uses for this room? Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Open Floor Plan vs Traditional Floor Plans

There was once a time when the kitchen was only used for cooking. Not like today where the kitchen has become the most used room in the house. Consider how the whole family gathers in the kitchen. Interior designers and architects are designing open floor plan kitchens with large islands that can accommodate many people. But are Formal Dining Rooms Obsolete?

Sandra Asdourian Interiors- Are Formal Dining Rooms Obsolete? An open floor plan kitchen and dining room
Open Floor Plan Kitchen and Dining Room

In a traditional floor plan, with the kitchen hidden away. Which you rarely see in newer construction projects today. However, there is something to be said about tucking the kitchen away when entertaining. The kitchen is private and all the messiness of cooking is hidden away from the guests. That’s is surely an advantage!

Are Formal Dining Rooms Obsolete?Contemporary Dining Room with Bar Area
Contemporary Dining Room with Bar Area

Other Uses for Formal Dining Rooms

With busy lifestyles, most people live now. The balance between work, life, travel, and children. It seems the only time formal dining rooms are used is for special occasions and formal entertaining. Which leaves the dining room mostly under-utilized.

One of the design dilemmas my clients say is that they don’t have a proper home office. As a result, they will often use the dining table for homework and their home-based business paperwork. Now imagine if the underused dining room could have built-in with extra storage for the files, the printer, and your laptops. All hidden away but when it’s one of those special occasions. You’ll have the room back when the dining room is needed again. Perfect!

Working Dining Table
Working Dining Table

In conclusion, the design possibilities are endless. Contact Sandra Asdourian Interiors for your next Design Project and let’s explore your options.

White and Gray Kitchen
White and Gray Kitchen

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