Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

It’s summertime and everyone wants to spend more time outdoors. And you’re thinking of adding an Outdoor Kitchen. No more running back and forth from the house kitchen to the grill area with dishes of food, pots, and trays of food. You want it all there at your fingertips. Also, by adding an outdoor kitchen you can expect a return on your investment of 67%-72% of the cost at selling time. An Outdoor kitchen is the hottest trend in exterior design.

 With the Bar of an Outdoor Kitchen the placement is important
Placement near the Home is Key

Where you place your Outdoor Kitchen is Important

The placement of your outdoor kitchen is a big consideration when planning its location. Something to keep in mind is the distance from the house. You don’t want it so far away that it becomes a pain in the neck to bring food out there. Secondly, keep in mind the wind flow in the area you want your new outdoor kitchen to be placed. Because of the smoke and food smells. And lastly, the sun direction in the late afternoon. This will most likely be when you are entertaining the most. Depending on where you are located you may not want the sun on you and your guest late in the day.

Adding an Outdoor Kitchen with fire pit and cooking area
Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Pit

The Essentials

Your outdoor living space can be very customizable. The key elements to consider are the grill, refrigeration, and storage. However, some overlooked essentials would be a second ice maker on the guest’s side of the bar area for easy drinks. Clean dry storage for dishes, flatware, and glasses. Also, a sink and dishwasher, this would make the time entertaining easy with everything in one place. Please think about the proper ventilation for the grill smoke too. When designing the grill area, keep safety in mind, and have a ventilation system several inches larger than the grill.

Adding an Outdoor Kitchen with a Built In dishwasher

Some of the Design Trends

When You’re Thinking to add an Outdoor Kitchen. These are the design trends for your new outdoor space that are popular include the following:

  • Mixing materials in the design, i.e. brick, stone, stainless steel
  • Side burners in the grill area
  • Warming drawer
  • Towel warming drawer
  • Lighting
  • Fireplaces and fire pits
  • Comfortable Furniture
  • Pizza Ovens
Adding an Outdoor Kitchenwith a fireplace

Working with a design professional will take the guesswork out of choosing the right furniture and finishes for your outdoor project. Award-winning Interior Designer, Sandra Asdourian is known for clean, open, textured designs. Specializing in Biophilic Coastal Designs. Sandra believes the meaning of luxury is comfort. When your home feels comfortable, it affects your mood and your health.

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