Adding a few Botanicals

Your design is beautiful. You have the perfect furniture, lighting, and rugs. However, adding a few botanicals will make your space come alive. Looking at your design with fresh eyes will help you see the possibilities.

Adding a few Botanicals

Adding a few Botanicals: Real or Faux?

Fresh flowers are lovely for your dining room table or island bar. However, faux plants and botanicals can look just as beautiful and will surely last a lot longer. When selecting faux botanicals, they must look as natural as the live version as possible. The test we use is if at 5 feet they look authentic, great! In other words, if they look so real, you have to touch them. That’s the sign you have a great faux piece!

Adding a few Botanicals: Real or Faux?
Fresh Cut Peony or silk?

Places for Some Greenery to Your Design

As interior design professionals, we love to add plants for a layered design effect. In other words, plants and indoor trees in a living room offer the feeling of the outdoors coming inside. However, if you have a green thumb, you must consider the type of light and your overall desire to care for live trees. So, head over to your local plant nursery and have a chat with the horticulturist. They will suggest the perfect indoor tree for your space.

live trees in a living room offer the feeling of the outdoors coming inside

Bedroom Botanicals

Fresh flowers at your bedside are a memorable way to greet the day. In addition, waking up each morning, the first thing you see should be beautiful. Therefore, having a gorgeous focal point sets off the whole day exceptionally well. However, if fresh flowers are not something you can maintain for your bedroom design, instead, consider a silk bouquet in the pretty container.

Bedroom Botanicals. Fresh flowers at your bedside are a noteworthy way to greet the day

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